Why The Craft Beer Movement Has Become Popular In Restaurants

beertaps2Over the last few years, the craft beer movement has grown in popularity all over the United States. According to research by Mintel, sales of craft beer have nearly doubled in the 2007 – 2012 period with revenues increasing from $5.7 billion in 2007 to $12 billion in 2012.

The movement has certainly revolutionized the brewery and restaurant industry. Restaurants who’ve adapted to this change have noticed spikes in revenues whereas restaurant owners who’ve been stubborn to accept the craft beer movement have noticed declines.

In this report, we’re going to cover the underlying reason behind this movement and how you can make changes to your restaurant to make the most out of the craft beer movement.


What’s The Cause Behind The Craft Beer Movement?


There’s only one core reason behind the craft beer movement – change in consumer drinking habits.

Consumers are now demanding a lot more styles, different flavors and different alcohol concentrations. Instead of only sticking to one type of beer, consumers have now realized the need to drink according to the occasion.

The youth is no longer loyal to one particular brand or identity. They try to choose from different brands and are more inclined to purchase local products.

If you’re a pub or restaurant owner, you maybe already aware of the fact that a majority of drinkers are in the age group of 20 – 30. It’s this audience that you’re going to have to cater to. Catch their attention now and you can benefit from their repeat visits ten or twenty years later as they grow old.

Most old people stick to their brand of beer or whiskey or scotch. They were brand loyal. But the younger generation isn’t.

As a restaurant owner, there are some things you can do to attract this audience and contribute to the craft beer movement in your own way.


Listed below are a couple of tested strategies that have worked well for some restaurants across the country…

1. Stock Highly Flavored Beers


Consumers are now willing to experiment with multiple flavors and prefer flavored beers. Hops are one of the flavors that are the rage. More and more people are now demanding Indian Pale Ale and the Imperial Pale Ale specialities. Kala Hadfield, a brewer at the Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub in Victoria, British Columbia notes that IPAs are in huge demand and that customers just can’t let it go.


2. Introduce Beer Cocktails


Joe Doe, a restaurant in New York’s East Village has made the most out of the craft beer movement by listing over 10 beer cocktails in its menu. One of their best drinks is the “Muddy Puddle” which contains Sierra Nevada Stout, Old Pogue Bourbon, Iced Espresso, and peanut dust.

Introducing a couple of beer cocktails and having your customers try them out is a tested strategy that has worked well for many businesses. One of the main reasons why beer cocktails can massively boost your business is because they tend to pair well with food.

Who knows? It may get them hooked and become one of the main reasons why people come to you over and over again.


3. Go Local


Another way to get the most out of the craft beer movement is to serve beers from local breweries. Consumers have now become more and more inclined to support local organizations. By stocking beer from local breweries, you add another reason as to why they should visit you. The distributor can give you a fair idea of what local beer is doing well and you can start offering it to your customers.

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