San Diego – A Great American City For Craft Beer

SanDiego2If you were to ask me to pinpoint one city where a beer lover can drink to his heart’s content and still not be finished, I’d go with San Diego. With the largest number of breweries and many outstanding, nationally-recognized breweries, San Diego clearly stands out as one of the best towns when it comes to drinking beer.


Here’s why San Diego is a Great Craft Beer City…


1. Largest number of breweries


Unlike other cities in America that only boast of large-scale corporate breweries, San Diego boasts of the most number of micro-breweries per square mile. The people here love beer more than anything else and this clearly shows in the number of microbreweries that are being set up as day goes on.


2. Home Brewing is popular


Another reason why San Diego is classy when it comes to beer is because the majority of people here are involved in the art of home brewing. They love to brew their own beer and pick up supplies from local stores that have all the raw materials available. One such store is the Linda Vista’s Home Brew Mart that sells all kinds of equipment and materials required for making home brew.


3. Outstanding nationally recognized-breweries


Competition drives businesses out of their comfort zone and forces them to give their best or perish. Cut-throat competition has caused a lot of brewing companies in San Diego to innovate and has resulted in brewing of some of the best beer that you could ever drink in your lifetime. San Diego is the only town that boasts of nationally recognized superstars like AleSmith, Alpine, Karl Strauss Brewing, Coronado and Green Flash.


4. The people love to support local


This is probably one of the main reasons why San Diego stands out in comparison to other cities in America. Even though it has close competition from Seattle and Portland, San Diego’s beer stands out because the locals love to support the micro-brewing industry. When you walk into a bar or pub, you’d find that a majority of San Diego’s beer lovers choose to order only locally brewed beer.


5. Variety


If you ever make a trip to San Diego, we strongly recommend that you spend a couple of weeks visiting different pubs and bars tasting different versions of locally brewed beer. You’ll still not be done after a month of constant drinking. That’s the variety San Diego boasts of.

In most cities in the United States, the best of restaurants have fewer than five beers on taps. Go to San Diego and you’ll find that even the smallest of establishments has at least over ten locally brewed beers on tap ready for you to drink and enjoy.

Each one of these beers has a distinct quality and taste. You’re not limited to only beers that are hoppy in their taste (like some towns where most restaurants only have IPA on taps). You’ll find all kinds of beers whose smell varies from perfumy to citrusy.


6. More breweries to come


The brewery scene in San Diego is still not finished with many breweries applying for licenses. There are over 30 pending brewery licenses in the surrounding San Diego area. This means more competition which will in turn result in higher quality beer, period.


7. San Diego Beer Week 


 Enough said, but if you need to learn more about one of the best weeks on the beer calendar, check out their site.

So the next time when you’re in San Diego, make it a point to visit the local bar and drink some local beer.

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