Complete List of North Carolina Brewers and Brew Pubs

We have just moved to North Carolina and are thrilled with amazing collection of breweries that are across the state. We are planning on creating a list of breweries of each state in the United States moving forward, but my own personal desires had me create the North Carolina brewery list first.

One of the joys of the craft beer movement is the opportunity to taste the small brewers interpretations of classic beers. Most brewers on this list have multiple beers that will meet your desires, and many of them have public tastings of the beers at their breweries.

We have found the website for each brewery to make things easier for you to try the different breweries and will do our best to keep the list updated moving forward. If you have an addition or a subtraction, leave a comment below or email us at [email protected].


North Carolina Breweries and Their Websites:


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