Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout Review

Black-chocolate-stout_largeIf you’ve wanted to try out a new imperial stout variety for a while now, we recommend that you try the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. The Black Chocolate Stout from Brooklyn Brewery is a beer with an alcohol concentration of 10% by volume.

It was made once exclusively for ‘Catherine The Great’ and is one of the few award winning imperial stout beers from the Brooklyn Brewery. The Black Chocolate Stout recently bagged the Bronze Medal in the 2012 World Beer Cup.

The beer is brewed every year for the winter season and ages beautifully. It’s also delicious even when consumed fresh without being cellared. A blend of specially roasted malts results in a deep dark chocolate flavor.


Beer Details:

·         Malts used: Caramel Malt, Malted Wheat, Blend of Roasted Malts and Barleys and American Two-Row Pale Malt

·         Hops: Willamette and American Fuggle

·         Wheat content: Yes

·         Alcohol by Volume: Ten percent

·         Bitterness: 51 IBUs

·         Original Gravity: 21.7 Plato

·         Calories: 320

·         Food Pairings: Best paired with ice cream, fruit tarts and chocolate desserts.

·         Availability: October-March



The Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout has an Ink Black appearance with a faint of ruby at the edges. When poured on a glass, carbonation is visible along the sides of the glass and one can notice it rising.




The Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout’s aroma reminds you of sweet dark roasted malt with traces of chocolate and black coffee. The smell of dark roasted malt is a lot more prominent while the hops are not distinguishable at all.

The beer’s scent clearly indicates massive amounts of chocolate, roasted and caramel malt. You can also smell traces of plum and dried figs if you pay attention. While smelling the Black Chocolate Stout, don’t be surprised if you experience an ethanol burn in the back of your nose while the scent fades away from your nostrils.



Anyone tasting this beer would immediately find it very complex in taste. There are strong hints of roasted and smoked malts, dark chocolate, caramel and black coffee. You’ll also notice some traces of molasses and nuts as you drink deeper.

The beer leaves behind a taste of bitter chocolate and black coffee on your tongue. Even though the alcohol concentration is ten percent, its presence in the beer is very pleasant. You’ll surely love getting drunk on this over and over again.


Mouth feel:


When you take a sip of the Black Chocolate Stout, you’ll experience a pleasant soft effect on the palate. This is due to carbonation that leads to foaming in the mouth. You also experience an ethanol burn on the tongue. This beer offers a dry bitter coffee-chocolate aftertaste. The pleasant soft sensation on the palate makes this imperial stout truly stand out.




Black Chocolate Stout is an exceptional imperial stout that you’d certainly love drinking. It’s ideal to be drunk as an after-dinner beer or as a sipping dessert. This isn’t the kind of beer you want to drink during the day. The best time to have this beer would be at the end of the day during those cold winters at your patio with the fireplace on and watching the skies with your beloved.

We also recommend experimenting with this Imperial Stout by storing it. Try aging it for a year or two and try to notice the subtle differences in taste and the sensation it leaves on the palate.

Learn more about the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout on their website.

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