Beer Keg Theft A Problem For Small Brewers

Stealing-beer-kegsA brutal combination for craft brewers is the cost of keg replacements. With the price of scrap metal rising and beer kegs too big to be carefully protected for high volume bars and clubs, theft of empty kegs is rampant.

And it is costing the industry millions of dollars a year.

Here is an example of kegs being stolen from a Coronado, California restaurant on Christmas Day.

Coronado police are searching for whoever stole 13 empty beer kegs from a local restaurant.

According to police, the theft occurred on the night of Dec. 14. Recent surveillance photos from Leroy’s Kitchen and Lounge in Coronado show a man in a white hat and a plaid shirt stealing more than a dozen empty beer kegs. Police say he and another man used cable cutters to bust through a back fence and steal the kegs.

Beer kegs are made from stainless steel and are worth anywhere from $10 to $45, depending on who is buying. A scrap yard will give a bit less, while a beer distributor will give a bit more. via 10News

It seems like a simple thing, and no one gets hurt. However, when you steal a keg from a small craft brewer, you are hurting their profits and their viability as a business.

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