Imagine A Craft Beer Super Bowl Ad?

Every year we get these blah ads from Budweiser and Miller touting their new attempts to hold on to market share and stay relevant in the new marketplace.

I mean, seriously, Budweiser Black Crown?

To be honest, I am not even sure what Budweiser Black Crown is, but I do know it will be a colossal failure as the demographic they are trying to reach will not drink Budweiser. They will be ordering a craft brewed IPA or bown ale way before anything that comes out of a 50,000 gallon vat…

But now let our imaginations wander and think of the best beer ads the country would see.

A Craft Beer Super Bowl Ad!

My thinking is the ad would feature the traditional beer drinker stereotype being introduced to craft beers. Then watch the transition as that guy becomes smarter, sexier, and cooler as he moves to IPA’s, Stouts, and even amazing craft beer lagers.

The tag line. “Beer will never be the same.”

If every local brewery kicked in a hundred dollars and the big boys in the field added a fair bit more, we could have the fund to pay the 4 million dollar price tag for an industry ad.

And everyone would be a winner…

The industry would see increased exposure, more craft beer would be sold, and the American people would be reminded that the big boys days are numbered as there is a better alternative out there.

So let us know in the comments what your ideas for a craft beer Super Bowl ad would look like.

Craft Beer and the Super Bowl

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